Wedding Videography Gear

How I Shoot a Wedding With Less Equipment

I’ve spent years finding and testing many types of gear including cameras, lenses, lights, audio recorders, drones, tripods, and carrying cases. It takes a lot of gear to shoot a wedding. I’ve realized over time that in order to get the best shots, its best to be shooting as much as possible so I don’t miss those shots. In order to be able to shoot as much as possible, I have to be fast! And the only way to be fast is to have my gear have the smallest footprint and be the lightest to handle on my own. There’s not always time to fetch gear or have an assistant do it. You have to be ready to move fast and have as much with you as you can. 

Weddings are very fast-paced. I used to shoot corporate videos and it’s the complete opposite. You have all day to get the shots you need, plenty of time to set up for each shot and you can do multiple takes. With weddings, you have one chance to get each shot most of the time. You really have to know all your gear inside and out and make split second decisions on what you need and how you want to set up the couple for various video shots. 

Although I offer a 2nd shooter package, I usually shoot weddings on my own and I’m very comfortable doing it because I’ve perfected this system of the most minimal and light weight amount of equipment but yet high enough quality to get the shots I need. 

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