Hire the right wedding videographer



I recently was contacted by multiple couples that had another company shoot their wedding this past year. They had the RAW footage from the wedding but the company they hired went bankrupt, and they were looking for me to edit the footage. This is not the first time I’ve heard horror stories. I was happy they at least had the footage given the situation!Below are some simple tips to try to avoid this. 

The most important being.. Research. Research. Research. 

Watch wedding videos online to find what matches your style, and check online reviews.

Ask the professionals. If you have already hired an event planner or wedding coordinator, getting a recommendation from them is your best game plan, since they already know you well by this point. If you don’t have a planner, make sure to ask your friends and family for referrals or other vendors you’ve already booked. 

Check out their portfolio of wedding films. Make sure their work matches the feel and style you’re going for, or close enough to it where you can add your input during the editing process. 

Hire a local wedding videographer. A local videographer comes with multiple pros. First being less risk of any travel delays if hiring a wedding videographer from out of state. It’s more likely that they would be familiar with the venues in the area that they primarily work in. 

Speak to your wedding videographer on the phone or via Zoom meeting. As a videographer is likely to be with you for most of the day, it’s best to make sure you are comfortable communicating with them. And of course, make sure they’re personally going to be the one capturing your special day!