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Unplugged Wedding Ceremony: Embrace the Moment

An unplugged wedding ceremony is when the couple requests that their guests refrain from using electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and cameras, during the ceremony. This is becoming increasingly popular among couples who want their guests to be present in the moment and fully immersed in the ceremony. 

  1. Fewer distractions

One of the primary reasons to have an unplugged wedding ceremony is to reduce distractions. With electronic devices, guests may be more focused on taking photos or videos rather than fully immersing themselves in the ceremony. By requesting that guests put away their devices, the couple can ensure that their guests are fully present and engaged in the moment.

  1. Better photos and videos

Another reason to have an unplugged wedding ceremony is to ensure that the couple gets the best possible photos and videos. When guests take photos or videos, they may inadvertently get in the way of the professional photographer or videographer, resulting in less-than-perfect shots. By having an unplugged ceremony, the couple can ensure that their professional photographer or videographer can capture the ceremony without any interruptions or distractions, especially during the processional and recessional. 

  1. More intimate atmosphere

An unplugged wedding ceremony can also create a more intimate atmosphere. With guests fully present and engaged, the ceremony can feel more personal and emotional. Without the distraction of electronic devices, guests may be more likely to shed tears, laugh, and fully experience the emotions of the ceremony, which will show in their professional photos and videos. 


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