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It’s All In The Details

I personally love to capture the wedding details. They say so much about the couple and their story together. Most of the time your photographer will set this up for photos, and video will step in a capture it but I tend to change things up to capture some original shots that you wont see until you receive your video.

I love capturing the dress, invitations, shoes, jewelry, and flowers as one my opening shots in your wedding highlight video. I always try to use natural light for these shots, so we usually will set this up near a window.

I love taking the dress outside it possible and finding a place to hang it so it can flow in the wind and add some more movement to the video.

Here are some tips on how to be ready for your photo/video team to capture your wedding details.


1. Gather your details:

It’s always a great idea to have all your details ready in a shoebox for your photography and videography team, that way there’s no wasted time or interrupting you when your getting your hair and makeup done.
This could include your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations, rings, and any other special items you want to be captured. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition, and have them ready in a designated area to capture.
2. Communicate with your photographer/videographer:
Before your wedding day, make sure to communicate with your vendors about what details you want to be captured. Share any specific ideas or requests you have, and ask for their input and suggestions. This will help ensure that your photo/video team is prepared and knows exactly what you want to be captured.
3. Plan for enough time:
On your wedding day, make sure to plan for enough time to capture your details. Depending on how many items you have and how complex the shots are, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Talk to your photographer and videographer about how much time they need and plan accordingly.
4. Get ready in a well-lit area:
When getting ready on your wedding day, make sure to choose a well-lit area. Natural light is best, so choose a room with plenty of windows. This will help your photographer capture your details in the best possible way and make sure they are well-lit and easy to see. For makeup and hair detail shots, it’s best to be facing a window with good natural light.
5. Have fun with it!
Finally, remember to have fun with it! The details of your wedding day are an important part of your story, and your videographer is there to capture it all. I always capture multiple angles and takes of the same items just as a backup. When it comes time to edit everything together, it’s always best to have more to work with.

Being ready for your photo/video team to capture your wedding details is an important part of your wedding day. By gathering your details, communicating with your vendors, planning for enough time, getting ready in a well-lit area, you can ensure that your all the special details of your day are captured in a way that tells the story of your wedding and captures memories that you will cherish for years to come.


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