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For a couple years now, I’ve been using an all new online video hosting and delivery platform to showcase my wedding films to clients. It’s called VidFlow and it now allows the videos to be played on any device. Plus, it guarantees you access to the videos on a custom webpage for up to 10 years! 

This allows couple’s to view and share their completed films in HD and 4K! Since we shoot in 4K, we’re able to take screenshots from the best video frames of the day to create the backdrop of this webpage. We also do the same thing to create the thumbnails for each video.

Each section of the day is separated into selectable videos. We upload the Highlight and Reel first, and then the Ceremony and Reception edits. You can play them all by clicking the “play all” button on the interface, or you can select certain videos. This is by far the highest quality way to share and download your wedding videos. 

I always encourage clients to download all the videos and save them to the cloud service like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. I also provide custom USB drives with your names engraved, where the videos are saved as well. 

I love hearing from couples how easy it is to have a viewing party with their family and friends. I love using VidFlow to showcase my wedding videos and I know you will too! Check out some actual deliveries of my wedding video collections below and see how easy it is to view them for yourself!



4K Weddings is a boutique wedding videography studio focused on capturing and preserving authentic stories and moments.



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