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It’s your wedding day! Your dreams of the perfect day have come to fruition. Now the only task at hand is capture these very special moments on video. The wedding day goes by fast so it’s important to know exactly what to expect to create the perfect wedding film. 

Apart from actually hiring your wedding videography and photography team there are some steps that you as the couple can take to ensure that everything you want, is captured. I have compiled a small list that details what videographers will need to fully capture your love story. 

1. Find YOUR Style of Video

It’s always good to watch different wedding videos with different styles of videography to be inspired for your own wedding film. There are many different styles to choose from. Do you want your wedding video to look more like a music video, or a short film with an element of storytelling?
Ultimately it is up to you and your significant other to decide what you want your video to look like. Always discuss this with your wedding videography team beforehand so they know how to shoot your special day.

2. Allow Time For Your Video & Photo Team In Your Wedding Timeline

Coordinate with your videographer and photographer to schedule specific time slots for key moments such as the couple’s portraits, exchanging vows, and the first dance. Planning ahead ensures that these significant scenes are captured with the attention they deserve. Having a sufficient amount of time in your wedding day for couple’s portraits is key to creating a wonderful wedding film.

3. Include Your Wedding Day Prep


You may think “why do I need shots of my makeup artists putting blush on? Or shots of my fiancé hanging with their wedding party?” Well to a videographer wedding preparation is a crucial element of storytelling. 

Not only is it where a lot of emotions occur (suspense, excitement, happiness etc.), but also videographers get more time to get establishing shots to show the environment of the wedding day. These shots allow us to tell the full story of your day. Videographers don’t need to be there the entire time you are getting your makeup done to get the prep shots we need, but at least a few minutes towards the end would be an ideal amount of time. 

4. Incorporate a First-Look


During the first look videographers have the ability to gather more footage of pure emotions coming from both you and your fiancé. The first look also allows you and your fiancé to see each other before the ceremony thus lessening the pressure and stress the day has put on you both. Most importantly in the winter months when the sun sets earlier, this allows your photo and video team more daylight to capture your couple’s, wedding party and family portraits with the best light! 

5. Letter Readings & Personalized Ceremony Vows

Personalized ceremony vows and letter readings really add a storytelling aspect to any wedding film. Letter readings are intimate notes that can be included in your wedding video as a voiceover. We record these whenever we have down time (this usually occurs after prep shots). Both letter readings and personal vows, when added as a voiceover on your wedding video, make your film feel even more personal and heartwarming.


6. Golden Hour

One hour before sunset is the best time to shoot beautiful portraits. Make the most of the enchanting golden hour for your outdoor shots. The warm, soft light during this time creates a magical atmosphere that adds a cinematic touch to your wedding film. 

7. Ignore Me, Please!

To get the most natural looking results it’s usually best not to look at the camera and imagine that it’s not there. Think of a memorable moment like the first kiss, or how you met. Allow time for candid moments. While planned shots are essential, leave room for spontaneous, candid moments. Some of the most memorable scenes often unfold naturally. Give your videographer the flexibility to capture the authenticity of your day by allowing time for unscripted moments.


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